Opposite Lock is excited to announce that they now own LA Sport 4WD accessories

Opposite Lock, established 40 years ago in Australia, is the real deal when it comes to 4WD accessories and is now the exclusive and proud distributor of the well-known LA Sport (LAS) 4WD accessories product range.

Started by genuine 4WD enthusiasts, with a premium product, Opposite Lock quickly expanded from the shores of Australia to South Africa, where off-road and 4×4 adventures are enjoyed by many. Opposite Lock Africa is known for its class-leading quality products and exceptional services, which showcase the vision of the global Opposite Lock brand.

Their range of products caters to the off-road performance that every 4×4 enthusiast looks for when considering vehicle practicality and appearance. Whatever you drive and to wherever you journey, they have the best premium solution for your off-road requirements and adventures. Opposite Lock offers a range of superior 4×4 gear to improve your vehicle’s off-road performance and strives to make your vehicle more capable, comfortable and enjoyable. And now with LAS accessories available, their product offering is even better.

LAS provides leading off-road accessories in South Africa and has been in the off-road industry for more than 27 years. Lionel Lewis, the previous owner of LAS, will continue his presence in the 4×4 business, playing a key role in product development and managing the LAS store in Pretoria.

Visit your closest local LAS store to get a first-hand look at their premium equipment and accessories. Experienced four-wheel drivers will assist in making the best choice for you and your vehicle.

The LAS Accessory Head Office has consolidated and moved in with Opposite Lock.


The business was born from a passion that Lionel Lewis and his wife Annalie Lewis had for the outdoors and off road industry. Not many people know that LA Sport stands for Lionel and Annalie Sport as they started the business together back in 1991 and being 50/50 partners in the business.

Lionel has been involved in the off road industry for many years. He used to build monster trucks over 20 years ago when the company was still called V8 & 4×4 Performance. His father was brought up around cars and now that he and Annalie have kids, the dynasty continues.

With that in mind we were privileged enough for our kids to be brought up in the outdoor and 4WD industry and we are proud to say that the legacy will continue as our children are also working in the business and are planning to continue on with it as we get older.

Lionel Lewis is also known for his special builds and with his knowledge in the automotive and wheel industry he has had the opportunity to build some serious off road vehicles. See below some of his builds he has completed. He is always ready for a challenge and can still be contacted for special off road builds.

507 Iveco Replica Dakar Truck build by Lionel and his team. He also drove the truck at events for Iveco.

LA Sport Monster Truck also known as MadDog build back in the 90’s and has been at all of the off road shows since then.

And his most recent build is the LA Sport Land Cruiser Dually – built for increased loading and towing capacity.

LA Sport History

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